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Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882

"Phineas Finn The Irish Member"

"So I did, nearly--" said Lady Laura; "very nearly. You told me just
now that you had money, and could therefore do as you pleased. I had
no money, and could not do as I pleased."
"And you told me also that I had no reason for thinking that he cared
for me."
"Did I? Well;--I suppose you have no reason. He did care for me. He
did love me."
"He told you so?"
"Yes;--he told me so."
"And how did you answer him?"
"I had that very morning become engaged to Mr. Kennedy. That was my
"And what did he say when you told him?"
"I do not know. I cannot remember. But he behaved very well."
"And now,--if he were to love me, you would grudge me his love?"
"Not for that reason,--not if I know myself. Oh no! I would not be so
selfish as that."
"For what reason then?"
"Because I look upon it as written in heaven that you are to be
Oswald's wife."
"Heaven's writings then are false," said Violet, getting up and
walking away.
In the meantime Phineas was very wretched at home. When he reached
his lodgings after leaving the House,--after his short conversation
with Mr. Monk,--he tried to comfort himself with what that gentleman
had said to him. For a while, while he was walking, there had been
some comfort in Mr. Monk's words.

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